Sunday, 24 August 2014

Dr Who

Well, what better place, I thought, than this blog, which tries to address the eternal questions about life, the universe and everything, to talk about the one and only Dr. Who?

On Saturday night we watched the first episode of the new series of this fifty year-old Sci-Fi series, which has countless fans all over the world, as well as a few detractors ( who, I think, are just boring contrarians! ;) ). A 'new' Doctor along with an assistant, who is clearly having difficulty coming to terms with an older, silver haired incumbent time-lord.

So, for those of you who saw it, what did you think ... about the story, the characters, the new Dr. Who? The hints at more worldly things: politics, current affairs, many metaphors, hints at political correctness, timeless modern life; it was all in there somewhere!

We saw hints of the Scottish referendum for independence - in the beginning, the Doctor didn't seem happy with the 'English accents' around him. Only the reptilian lady (with the Scottish accent) seemed to be talking a language that was acceptable to the clearly disoriented Doc.

The same sex, albeit preternaturally and probably intergalactic marriage offered us a nudge at a topical issue. What interested me most is something that perhaps could place the scriptwriters' intentions firmly on centre stage of topical socio-political issues. The repeated use of 'the veil' (which, at times, covered said reptilian lady's face) and the closing scene, it has to said delivered with a generous helping of pathos, in which Clara is still having difficulty recognising the transmogrified Doctor and coming to terms with his new ageing grey face ... the epitome of how the fragile human condition is characterised  by how significantly it is affected, nay obsessed, on so many levels, with what we and others look like on the surface. How much do we spend on keeping ourselves looking young on the outside, whilst ignoring what's going on the inside!?

I'm sure many readers of a certain age will know what I mean when I say that, in the latter stages of my life, I can only be affected and attracted by beauty that is deeply rooted; that is sometimes almost indefinably subtle, but most certainly far deeper than the skin and it is glaringly obvious when you encounter it! The colour and quality of our skin, our height, our bone structure, even the way we speak are so often a cause of prejudice, sometimes crippling and socially unacceptable prejudice.
Anyway, please excuse my diatribe. All I wanted to know is what others thought about the new Dr, Who?

Let me know by giving me your own comments below. Make 'em as long and detailed as you like; rants and diatribes are both acceptable. Let rip with your eulogies and crucifixions as much as you like.



  1. I thought it was great. I loved the 'lesbian kiss', even though it was a life-saving kiss. I thought Capaldi was brilliant. The call from the pre-generated Doctor was so moving... it actually made me cry. Sometimes we can't see the love we feel for people who have changed, even though we still should love them for their changes. I reckon Capaldi is going to be my favourite Doctor, and my previous was Tom Baker. :-)

    1. I am in agreement with all that, Les. Yes the closing scene had enough pathos to bring a lump to my throat, for sure. Thanks for your comment; the first of many I hope ...

  2. I didn't watch it, but I haven't kept up with the new seasons beyond Christopher Eggleston (yes, I know, that's awhile ago). Tom Baker was and always will be "The Doctor" to me - you never forget your first Doctor, right? ;) You must also be a Douglas Adams fan (as I see from the title). Perhaps at some point I will pick up the Dr. Who series again. Many friends have said that it's still going strong with good story-lines and actors.

  3. Finally got to watch the new one today, liked it tremendously! I am a fairly new Dr. Who fan, starting viewing earlier this year on my son's insistence, watching in order from Eccleston, through Tennant and Smith. I think Capaldi is going to bring a darker, deeper side to the character that we really haven't seen. It seems that will also reflect on Clara's character development. As most always, so much good dialog in this. My favorite lines: "'When did you stop wearing your veil?' 'When you stopped seeing it.'"; “What devilry is this, sir?” “I don’t know. But I probably blame the English.”; “Those people down there. They’re never small. Don’t make assumptions about how far I’ll go to protect them, because I’ve already come a very long way, and unlike you, I do not expect to reach the promised land.”; and finally “Self-destruction is against my basic programming.” – Half-Face. “Murder is against mine.” – The Doctor. “You realise of course, one of us is lying about his basic programming.” – The Doctor. It really begs the question of how Half-Face died. As we would expect, this Doctor shared a few clever one-liners, but on the whole, he definitely gives the feel of being darker and more complex. Regarding the "breath-saving kiss" and all references to same sex marriage: I think it was handled in a pretty tactful and forthright manner. No wink-wink,nudge-nudge, titter-titter. Exactly how it should be. So many still frown on this subject. Dr. Who tackled it head-on without over-dwelling and making it seem lewd or lascivious.(Yes, yes, I know—this is a show for all ages). Still, I thought it was done well. So for what it's worth, these are my thoughts from across the pond.


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