Wednesday, 1 June 2011

A Message for Barbara Anstie...

"I Love You"

Thirty Seven Years today and a handful of poems tell only a small part of this story:

All The Years
The Lamb (aka 'Devotion')
If I Had Been A Poet
Good Morning



  1. Wow, John, what a wonderful lucky, loving couple. I so enjoyed reading all the poems - The Lamb & If I were a Poet are my favourites but all have a depth of feeling and real love flowing from every line. In fact, 'If I Were a Poet' made me smile...I have a feeling it's the one my Dad would have written for my Mum if he ever thought about it - their Golden Wedding next year, and they are as in love as you two. Lucky children (we are three too!) and many congratulations on your happiness x

  2. Mozart's Girl, those are really lovely things you've said and it is a gesture I appreciate, the fact you've taken the time to write your comments. Thank you.


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