Saturday, 20 October 2012

There's some Poetic Creativity Going On...

For those interested in what's going on in my world of poetry, here are a few links: -

My Poetry Library is my own library of poetry and occasionally that of my poet friends

dVerse ~ Poets Pub is a meeting place for poets, which has regular events and prompts

New World Creative Union that great supportive nexus of artistic creativity

My Favourite Australian Poet - Marsha Berry

My Favourite New York Poet - Jacqueline Dick

My Favourite New York State Poet - Joe Hesch

My Favourite Dutch-born, South African, German Poet - Quirina Roode-Gutzmer

My Favourite South African Poet - Craig Morris (he's also a Grassland Scientist)

My Favourite Welsh Poet - Shan Ellis-Williams

My Favourite English Poets - Abigail Baker, Peter Wilkin & Louise Hastings

My Favourite Canadian Poet - Natasha Head

My Favourite All-round Creative Nexus - from the USA, Mr Roger Allen Baut

My Favourite writer, supporter, indulger in intellectual debate and all-round good person - Eden Baylee

And there are dozens more to mention... in due course


  1. What?

    Oh my, John, you're too much. Thanks for the lovely mention and putting me in a wonderful class of 'favourites'. I'm honoured.

    You really are something else.


  2. Aw, that's very sweet, John...thank you :)

  3. Rispekt, fellow Northern poet man :) I guess you could have categorised me 'favourite elderly English poet' ;) Sincere thanks, John x

  4. Thank you, John. There are probably more Dutch-born, South African, German poets in the world, but I have yet to meet them. I am delighted that I am on your "favourite poet list". And so are you, my dear poet friend, on my "favourite poet list". And you're my most favourite Sheffield poet ever! Big love, Q xxx


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